Creations made from the soul need the freedom to express in any form.

I like to surprise myself so my work is always eclectic. I use varying methods and materials including those traditionally considered for craft and decorative art along side fine art techniques.

Current series are informed by the changes in my life, recording the aging process, body image, gravity, and a bit of social commentary.

Although I am not limited by one style, method, or creative vehicle, I have one self imposed rule, an added personal challenge that I bring to each project; Each piece must be aesthetically pleasing and well crafted.

The mediums on this site include oil and acrylic paints, chalk pastels, photography, paper collage, mementos, and various mixed mediums.  In my sculptures and installation art, I often carve wood, build ceramics, cast materials, assemble found objects, and construct in paper.

I’ve beed told there is something for everybody here.

Experimentation and art need to live as one in my creative practice, supporting a freedom of expression.

I am available for commissions, color consulting and special projects.

Items on this site are for sale.

Please contact the artist for more information.

Enjoy your tour through the gallery.

For a schedule of shows click here.

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