Gina M.    The Go-To Artist

I take pleasure in private commissions. Whether it’s a sculpture, painting or a custom installation, I produce their request while infusing my own style and flair into it.

However, with my personal art, I want to express and record the feelings or emotions I recall vividly. I also experiment with different color combinations, textures, light and shadow.

I am a multidisciplinary artist and my work takes many forms. The nature of the subject or the emotional end result dictates the materials, techniques and themes I use. They vary from one piece to another. It all starts with a nagging inspiration.

Some works express the sentimental and nostalgic, drawing on my family, friends and pets. Some works explore color, mood and relationships to space.  These pieces become more obscure, often isolated or close up and are executed simply, relying on combinations of layered colors and textures. And other pieces develop because they are fun and call to be made manifest.

For me making art is always about problem solving and testing the materials. I take a photo, an emotion, or idea and find the significance in it. I feel the only reason to alter an image or accept the challenge of creating art is to present something extra, evoke a feeling, make a statement, define a moment, and say what can not be said with words. I think art can be simple and fun.

Artist media: oil, acrylic, chalk pastel and mixed media painting, sculpture, and digital photography

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